The internet is full of advice about nutrition. Everywhere we look, there are recipes, the latest fad diets, information about a plethora of superfoods, and then, of course, we have all the pseudo-science papers (really they are just quasi-scientists trying to get funding for their next project—we’ll look at this). 

The problem for us, as runners going about our daily lives, is what’s the best thing to eat and why. And of course, when it comes to discussions, nutrition falls into the religion and politics categories: vegans will kill vegetarians over a slab of cheese, while vegetarians will kill meat eaters over lambs and deer and cows. Then we have the high fat low carb brigade and the anti high fat low carb zealots—these guys love a tear-up.  

We also have, eating disorders, allergies, hormone problems, foods that heal, foods that kill, raw v steamed v boiled to death, macro and micro nutrients, pill-popping ultra runners, pizza and ice cream eating ultra runners, KFC eating sprinters, pastry eating coaches (cough), and the whole area of pre-fuelling, in-race fuelling, and post workout/race fuelling.

It goes on forever.

So what are we bringing to the table to help you? 

Well firstly, Tawny is an author and is about to publish the fourth edition of her recipe book—she has a wicked protein balls recipe. Secondly, I coach and give my runners nutritional advice (yes, I’m qualified to do this—although this area really does need tidying up and we’ll be looking into this too). Thirdly, as part of my coaching, I’ve researched and tried many of the nutritional plans/diets that are out there. And interestingly (well, I think it’s interesting) Tawny recently dropped sugar from here diet (she’ll blog about this), and given what I said above, ironically, I’m on day two of a new diet, specifically for ultra running (I’ll reveal all when I blog about it—stay tuned for this one: it really will change your ultra running lives)…