For years, John Starrett of Tralee (Ireland) has coached numerous runners with a direct, thoughtful approach tailored to each individual’s specific goals. Starrett, fondly known as Stazza among the “stable” of runners he coaches, provides cutting-edge training programmes and extensive training knowledge with a unique and personal touch, helping each athlete achieve their full running potential. 

Stazza’s Stable comprises runners from across the world (mostly Ireland, UK, Kenya, Norway, and USA) who train under Stazza.

The Stablemates range from Juniors through masters and beginners through elites. Stablemates compete in all distances from 800m through 24-hour ultras. The private Stable groups on Strava and Facebook provide athletes with a platform for discussion on all aspects of training, as well as a forum for crowdsourcing information and sharing accomplishments.

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All Stablemates start by completing a Profile Questionnaire (PQ)—it’s comprehensive and important—and doing a quick but targeted Ancillary Assessment, which tells Coach Stazza a lot of what he needs to know.

Following the PQ and the Ancillary Assessment, Coach Stazza arranges a video chat/call with you, using one of the usual social media platforms to go over everything; this normally takes between 60 and 90mins.

After the call, Stazza prepares a 12 Month Timeline for you. This outlines the year ahead. It deals with and marries together your training and racing, nutrition, injuries, and ancillary work. (This is a detailed report—about 6 pages long.)

On Sundays, Stazza pops up the training in Stazza’s Stable (The Strava Group he runs) or, if you prefer, he’ll email you your weekly training.

Everyday, using Strava/email, Stazza checks in on you to see how you’re getting on etc.

Each week, you complete a Weekly Feedback form (takes 2 mins) and send it to Stazza. He then pops in his comments/observations and returns it to you. This, along with Stazza monitoring your daily training on Strava/email, is how he manages/micro manages your progress on a daily/weekly basis.

If necessary, you can chat to Stazza whenever you like for as long as you like, in person/the usual range of social media platforms or use email—there is no extra charge for calls: you have 24/7 access.

Every month, Stazza conducts a monthly review with you where he assess the month just gone and chats about the forthcoming weeks. He gives you a grade (‘A’-‘F’: a bit of humour and makes him feel really powerful) and goes through the Key Performance Indicators (consistency; workouts; nutrition etc), which work on a traffic light system: green=good etc. This also affords Stazza an opportunity to spot threats and opportunities. 

Everything about your training is specific to you.


Read what others have to say…

“For several years I struggled trying to get my marathon training down. I would excel at the half marathon and shorter distances, but never had the legs to finish the last 10k of a marathon. After teaming up with Stazza in 2016, I realized my workouts were not marathon-specific. In my first training cycle with Stazza we increased my workout volumes. My interval session increased from 6-8 miles worth of work up to as high as 15 miles of work. My long tempos increased from 8-10 miles up to 18 miles. We trained my body to be ready for the distance and pace for a fast marathon. I won my next marathon!

Stazza judges what his athletes need week to week. He analyzes your workout and looks for the next piece to keep you headed toward your goal. He’s flexible and works with your schedule. He can also make changes to the training plan if he sees an area of training that needs improvement. I’ve run a lot of my best road races working with Stazza and look forward to several more”

 Riley Cook, Marathon Runner, Utah, USA (2:16:09 Marathon, 63:48 Half Marathon, 14:20 5k, 1500m, 3:42)

“Prior to working with John, I ran a number of marathons, read lots of different books and tried to fit into standardised programmes. My results never really improved as I tried to do it all myself but I never really came close to my potential. 

When I started working with John, the first thing that struck me was despite his running knowledge, he was always keen to learn more. Next was that he genuinely cared about everyone he trained. Whilst I’ve always believed in myself, having his belief has given me so much more confidence.

Whilst I’ve run a lot previously, I wasn’t training properly until I started working with John. I stayed true to the tailored training programme, and learned about the importance of training blocks. After months of consistent training, I started seeing breakthroughs and achieved PB’s, which I struggled to before.

From running a 2:15+ half marathon. I achieved a sub 90min half marathon with his training. I’ve also gone on to run sub 20min 5k and a sub 40min 10k. Now my target is to BQ and I believe that will happen working with John.

However running isn’t all about finish times, and John is helping me on my journey to be the best runner that I can be.”

Marcus Brown, Marathon Runner , London, UK (10k, 39:20 Half Marathon, 1:28:49)

“Stazza is the man. In 2 months he has gotten me in PR shape. If you want coaching he’s got my highest recommendation.”

 Jaydn Asay, Utah, USA, (HM:1:07:05; MARATHON 2:22:49)

“Stazza has helped me to structure my training better so that recovery and adaptations are fitted in more effectively. Stazza is an expert on many things not just training structure, but also how training links to diet, sleep, effective strength training and the mental side of the game. He listens carefully, knows when to ask the right questions and also when something is not quite right. He has also helped me find a better balance between short and long term goals so that the right priorities are identified based on my strengths and needs. One of the best things about being part of the Stable is the connections made to athletes across the world for ideas, support and camaraderie.”

Mark Anthony Steacy, Ultra Runner, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia (Training For 12 Hour Ultra)

“…when I first started to get “good” at running. One thing I really appreciated is that he was never hesitant to offer a different perspective than my own (as opposed to just give me a virtual pat on the back). We’ve shot ideas back and forth for a couple years, and during that time I’ve come to realize that he knows as much about modern marathon training as anyone I know. Stazza knows my background well and what type of running I like to do, so he was the first person I reached out to for advice about how to get down to the Olympic Trials qualifying times… The guy knows his stuff…”

Jake Krong, Utah, USA (2:20 Marathon, 65 Minute Half Marathon)

“I am an ultra runner currently training for Belfast 24 Hour Irish National Champs. John Starrett has been my coach now for 4 years and under his guidance, I have improved from 100 miles over 24 Hours in Belfast 2016, to 112.5 miles in 2017, and I am hoping for a PB again for Belfast 24, 2018. Stazza has a unique way of coaching and offers a very rounded training experience to each of his athletes, and the attention he pays to us at an individual level, is second to none. NO question is ever too stupid, and he is available 24/7. Being part of the Stable makes me feel like I’m part of something very special. I love the camaraderie between Stablemates.”

Aoife Lyons, 24 Hour Runner, Dublin, Ireland

“…Stazza is one of the top distance running coaches on the planet.”

Jason Holt, Utah, USA (1.48 800m, 2:22 Marathon)


Just a few minutes walk away from the heart of Iten town, our accommodation is perfectly situated in safe, secure, and attractive surroundings.

Comprising two compounds, located right beside each other, one compound holds three houses (suitable for families, couples, or individuals staying alone) and the other compound holds two houses suitable for larger groups. Each separate house is very private but allows for social gatherings also. All accommodation units are comfortable, double rooms, fully furnished, and equipped with all the essentials (sit-down toilets, hot showers, fridges, cooking facilities, etc).

We have our own elite Kenyan pacers/guides and can arrange for you to run with them on a daily basis—for free. We can also arrange visits to the world famous tracks of Tambach and Kamariny; both tracks are perched on the edge of an escarpment, overlooking the Rift Valley.

We have two vehicles (5 seater and 8 seater) at your disposal for airport transfers, safaris, training needs (trips to Tambach track, Chepkoilel track, Moiben road etc), and shopping/day trips.